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John Neville Cohen
"Art Galleries refer to me as a photographer, but photographers refer to me as an Artist!"

Fine Quality Large Exhibition Pictures
Limited to Editions of Just 8

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PLEASE ENTER - for large limited edition prints by Artist - John Neville Cohen

Over 20 Impressive One-Man Exhibitions; 2 held in New York, 4 in London, The Edinburgh Festival, and many other UK and USA Cities

"regarded as one of Britain's most original photographers."   The Times.

"A woman's face was exquisitely metamorphosed with the cup of a yellow tulip - a Femme - Fleur Picasso might have perpetrated had he taken to photography."    Arts Revue.

"John N. Cohen's artwork incorporates several genres--ready-made objects, digital photography and Impressionist style of light painting - to create a striking and surreal effect that has a strong impact upon the viewer."  Claudia Moscovici 

Favourable reviews and comments have been received from, amongst others: -  
Cecil Beaton
C.B.E.Sir William Russell Flint R.A., Lady Clementine Spencer-Churchill, Sir George F. Pollock Bt., M.A., F.R.P.S., F.R.S.A.

Choose any size, but each picture is limited to 8, regardless of the size.
Available up to 150cm, or 59 inches
(150 x 107cm approx.)
Mounted on Aluminum under a 6mm Acrylic glass.
No frame is required and the limited edition picture appears to float off the wall.

"Personally, I experience the greatest degree of pleasure in having contact with works of art.  They furnish me with  happy feelings of an intensity such as I cannot derive from other realms."  Albert Einstein

Sea Shell - Large limited edition print - picture by John Neville Cohen, in a bedroom   Mounted between Acrylic glass and Aluminium, ready to hang.   Sea Nymph's Mirror large limited edition print by John Cohen in a Spa setting

How much better it would be, if all these pictures could be shown where they belong, rather than competing with each other on an exhibition wall."
John N. Cohen

John Neville Cohen's large pictures add a bright new dimension to any wall.  So sophisticated, original and contemporary, always a talking point, they intrigue, yet remain intelligible to all.  John's limited edition pictures, (only 8 of each), have great investment potential too!  Not yet one of the big names, but Arts Review mentioned Picasso when describing John's 'Spirit of Spring' and the exhibitions to date are impressive.  Now is the best time for astute buyers to buy, just consider how very special John's photography is: - 

John Cohen's ground breaking technique enabled him to win top international photographic awards and to have over 20 One-man exhibitions.  He was the first to be able to combine both a colour positive and a negative image on the same transparency film emulsion (Kodachrome) for several years no one knew how he achieved his amazing pictures.  Since then he has carefully improved his original images digitally to create these large prints. For more details please see the Press Release  

"I use pure photography to express ideas, or thoughts, rather than reality to create award winning photographs that make quite a statement!  I trust that my limited edition pictures will intrigue, cause interest and be appreciated as very original art works.  My own invented 'Painting with Light' technique involves photographing projected images (that are not often projected on to a screen) rather than computer manipulation.  I try to create Contemporary Pictures that do more than surprise - that inspire! John N. Cohen

"Indeed, since the photographic image is made by the action of light, truth to light is truth to the medium of photography!  All John Cohen's photographs are made, simply and solely, by the use of light.  His magic is the magic of the luminous, his poetry is that of the chiaroscuro.  The attractions of his work is all the greater for the purity of the photographic technique, and its appeal all the more universal for being couched in an imagery common to all men and intelligible to all."  
Sir George F. Pollock
 Bt., M.A., F.R.P.S., F.R.S.A.

JNC - John Neville Cohen, John N Cohen, John Cohen


John has great artistic vision but in talking about his art, he describes how it was often inspired accidents that led to some of his best limited edition prints. His art is for sale, for serious art buyers and art lovers. For those wishing to buy artwork by this artist, it is still possible to purchase a print although they are limited to just 8 of each picture.

These high quality, fine art, Signed large limited edition pictures make quite a statement!
Most often described as: -  'Sophisticated'  'Elegant'  'Beautiful'  'A good talking point'  'Stunning'  'Magic!'

Download a PDF
'What is special about the amazing art of John Neville Cohen?'

"Uso puramente fotografía para expresar ideas o pensamientos, más que la realidad.  Confío que mis creaciones intriguen, provoquen interés y que sean apreciadas como obras de arte originales.  Mi técnica implica el fotografiar imagenes proyectadas sin hacer uso de ningun tipo de manipulación computarizada."   John N. Cohen

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